27 Schreibtipps erfolgreicher AutorInnen


Kann man jemals genug Schreibtipps bekommen?


Nein! Immer her damit! 😀


Also, hier kommen sie, die 27 Schreibtipps von erfolgreichen AutorInnen.

Lass dich von den Schreibtipps inspirieren

1. Draft, redraft, draft again, redraft again, ad infinitum.

– James Salter


2. Embrace word processors.

– Ian McEwan


3. Develop eccentric habits to keep your brain running.

– Daniel Handler


4. Write on strange things in strange places.
– Richard Siken


5. Before you start writing, read.
– Zadie Smith


6. Eliminate any and all distractions.
– Tobias Wolff


7. Build yourself up to the actual writing process.
– Denis Johnson


8. Write a hundred pages to get to page one.
– Philip Roth


9. Don’t be afraid to be boring.
– Jonathan Lethem


10. Work in short chapters.
– Anthony Doerr


11. Focus on your headspace, not your word count.
– Karen Russell


12. Write blind.
– Jonathan Safran Foer


13. Be as curious about your writing as your reader will be.
– Herman Koch


14. Have a pair of second eyes.
– David Huddle


15. Outline everything.
– Rebecca Makkai


16. Keep a running document for future projects.
– Eoin Colfer


17. Let yourself finish the rewriting.
– Sue Monk Kidd


18. Quit bitching and write.
– Cheryl Staryed


19. Give yourself a goal to work towards.
– Michael Chabon


20. If you’re writing about something real, explore it in real life.
– Paul Rome


21. Be patient.
– Raymond Carver


22. Worry about what you’re writing before you worry about how you’re writing.
– Mario Vargas Llosa


23. When you think you’re finished, retype it.
– Nicholas Baker


24. Do the research.
– Edward P. Jones


25. Put your whole self into your writing.
– Elizabeth Strout


26. Take your time.
– Italo Calvino


27. The hardest part is believing in yourself at the notebook stage. It is like believing in dreams in the morning.
– Erica Jong

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